Our Mission

The George Washington Sports Business Association is an organization that aims to help develop and prepare GW undergraduate and graduate students for potential careers in the Sports Industry. Originally developed to annually assist with the Sports Industry Networking Conference, the SBA has evolved to working as an organization that runs and launches networking events, career development workshops, stadium visits, and career treks to help GW students who desire to pursue a career in sports.

What We Do

Connect through networking events.

Succeeding in the sports industry is about who you know, not what you know. Check out our Events page to take advantage of some of our upcoming networking events so you can connect with some excellent DC contacts. 

Break into the industry.

Now it's your turn! Apply for some internships, volunteer when the opportunity arises, and reach out to contacts in the industry. Make sure to keep us updated about your career path and you could be featured in one of our monthly newsletters.

Develop your brand. 

Your presence online is what employers see first and is just as important as how you present yourself in-person. Make sure to develop a professional social media presence and be sure to utilize all the GWSB resources like the Fowler Career Center and the Sport Management professors.

Attend one of our board meetings. 

SBA will hold periodic meetings each semester for individuals interested in learning more about the sports industry. Learn resume and cover letter tips, where internships are posted, and the best networking advice straight from experienced students and professionals in the industry. 

Sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Our newsletter will highlight key upcoming events, current news, member spotlights, and any other important information to keep an eye on.

Follow us on social media.

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and connect through LinkedIn. Being active on social media is key in the sports industry and getting the latest information on the SBA.