Introducing the 2018-19 E-board: President Ryan Delaney

By Nicola Karasik

As the spring 2018 semester came to a close, the SBA elected a new governing body to bolster the many events, conferences and treks the organization has been preparing for in the upcoming academic year. With a reinvigorated executive board, the SBA has hatched some fresh new ideas to kickstart the fall semester that are sure to engage all general body members. As we look forward to SBA’s highly-anticipated activities and more involvement from GW students and alumni, we must first take a moment to learn about the people who make it all possible. We’ll first introduce you to our organization’s president, Ryan Delaney! 

Q: How did you get into sports?

A: I grew up playing sports and once I realized becoming a professional athlete wasn't realistic, I wanted to have a job doing something I would enjoy every single day. After learning that Sports Management was a career path I knew the Sports Industry was where I was meant to be and where I would succeed.

Q: What experiences do you have working in the sports industry?

A: Game Day Staff Volunteer for the Long Island Ducks -- My first job in the sports industry was when I worked as a game day staff volunteer for the Long Island Ducks, the summer after I graduated from high school. That summer I learned how to do anything and everything I could do to help the team. I did everything from ripping fans’ tickets as they entered the park, to scrubbing the concourse in between double-headers and throwing t-shirts out to the fans from the field during the 7thinning stretch. I was fortunate enough to be welcomed back to work for the Ducks the summer after my freshman year at GW. During that summer, I continued to hustle and do all the small things that needed to be done to help the team, however, I felt I made more of an impact because I already had the previous summer of experience. 

Marketing Game Day Intern for the Washington Redskins -- Following my volunteer position with the Ducks I worked on the game day staff of the Washington Redskins. My experience with the Ducks prepared me well for my internship with the Redskins. A lot of the same things carried over; the Redskins were just on a larger stage with more fans. With the Redskins I helped manage two separate activations, the Bud Light Party Pavilion and the Bud Light Social Lounge. These were spaces where fans could visit and have fun outside of watching the game from their seats. I also assisted with the Salute to Service moment where I escorted military members out onto the field and around the sidelines during pregame warm-ups and into part of the first quarter. The military members were videoed up on the jumbotrons and honored by the fans. It was truly a great moment to be a part of. 

Special Olympics Intern for Potomac Strategic Development Company -- For the following two winters I interned at a lobbying firm, called Potomac Strategic Development Company, where I specialized in the preparation for the annual Special Olympics Hill Day. My job was to set up meetings between Special Olympic athletes and their Senators and congressional representatives with the goal of obtaining more funding to support Special Olympic athletes.

Assistant for an NFL agent at Select Sports Group -- I am currently an assistant for an NFL agent at Select Sports Group. Every day I am learning more about my dream job from the best people in the industry.   

Q: What has been your favorite internship experience in college so far and why?

A: Thus far, my experience working as a marketing intern for the Washington Redskins was the most interesting and exciting experience. I got fantastic hands on experience that has provided me with skills and connections. However, more than the experience itself, I was extremely fortunate to work with an outstanding team of people. My bosses, Lyn Midcap and LaRhonda Burley, always set a great example for me to follow by constantly hustling hard and going above and beyond. Learning from them was the best part of the internship; it truly made the experience invaluable.


Q: What is your dream job? How do you think the professional experiences you’ve had will help you achieve that goal?

A: My goal is to become a sports agent where I will be representing athletes. I will achieve that goal by continuing to work diligently and learn about the job from people who have experience doing it. I have made great connections through each of my internships and those people have provided me with other connections in the field.

Q: What is one connection that you’ve made that stands out to you and why? What advice would you give to keep connections alive?

A: This summer I was very fortunate to be introduced to Mark Buente, who is a GW grad who has worked all over the sports industry and most recently graduated from University of Chicago’s law school. Mark was kind enough to make time to speak with me and from the very beginning our first conversation was great! He is an exceptional person who offered me insightful, and honest advice. I am very happy to have met Mark and I look forward to staying connected with him!

As far as keeping connections alive, I would recommend not being afraid to reach out and fill your connections in on what is happening in your professional life, or any news that pertains to them, the company they work for or even bringing up something that relates to a previous conversation you had with them or something that you think they would be interested in. It’s all about making an effort to stay connected with them. Keep in mind they’re working and you’re still in school, so you most likely have a lot more free time than them. That being said, don’t be offended if they don’t always respond. It certainly never hurts to reach out just to reconnect, just be genuine.

Q: What is something unique that you have to offer to the industry you want to pursue?

A: I have been fortunate enough to have accumulated a wide variety of experience between my time in the classroom along with working in the sports industry itself. I have a passion for sports but I'm more drawn to the industry for the business behind it. Although it's not unique I have an exceptionally strong work ethic. I am willing to do any job to learn from those who are successful in athlete representation.

Q: What is something you wish you had known about going into the industry before college and applying to internships?

A: To never be afraid to talk to someone who has a job you're interested in. From my experience, I have found that if you can relate to someone and make a genuine connection to them, most people will be happy to speak with you.

Q: What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

A:Wanting to live the life I have dreamt of and helping my clients achieve their goals and dreams.

Q: How would you tell your story from your point of view?

A: My story would be narrated by someone who’s respected yet has a great sense of humor, like Stephen Colbert. It would be about a young man defying the parameters others have set for him and doing whatever it takes to achieve his goals and aspirations while making some lifelong friends along the way.

Q: What are your expectations for the upcoming year with the SBA?

A: I want to grow the general body membership tremendously, bringing in new members of all ages and backgrounds. I want SBA to be more diverse in every sense of the word. I also want to focus on having many more events this year that the SBA has either not done in recent years or never done before. I'm very confident with our new e-board, I am excited for what we have in store and I can guarantee that this year the SBA will be taken to new heights and be better than ever before.

Q: What kinds of events do you want the SBA to have this year that it hasn’t done in recent years or ever done at all? 

A: I want to explore new venues like Audi field and see what goes into building up a franchise from the bottom. I want to take stadium tours and interact with agencies and organizations the SBA has yet to interact with, as well as reconnecting with alumni we have lost touch with. The thing I am looking forward to most is the prospect of going on a networking trek to one of the largest sports business hubs in America. Without giving too much away, I want to present our members with opportunities to learn about the rapidly evolving sports industry and network with some of the current and future leaders of this great industry. I’ll leave it at this, the members should know that this year is going to be extremely exciting and if they make the most of the opportunities we present them with they can have an exponentially positive impact on their futures.

Q: What is one thing people should definitely know about you?

A: I think LeBron is better than Michael Jordan. Hahaha! On a more serious note, I value loyalty over most other things. Once I can trust that a confidant is loyal I will do whatever I can to look out for them.