Sports Law and Entrepreneurship Conference Panel — Sports Management 101: Breaking in to the Sports Business World

Last month, the Center for Law, Economics, and Finance held its first Sports Law and Entrepreneurship Conference. The panel, entitled “Sports Management 101: Breaking in to the Sports Business World”, was moderated by David Falk, founder and CEO of Falk Associates Management Enterprises. Other panelists on hand to display their perspective of the Sports Business Industry were Danielle Cantor, Partner and Executive Vice President of Falk Associates Management Enterprises, Lonnie Cooper, President and CEO of the CSE Agency, David Mincberg, Director of Scouting of the Memphis Grizzlies, and Sandy Montag, President and CEO of the Montag Group.

All of the panelists described how each of them earned their start in the industry and how the sacrifices they made early on led to their later success.  The panelists also provided advice as to how to enter the industry and how to succeed and answered questions from the audience at the end of the panel.  As an example, Mr. Cooper gave the following advice, “to succeed in this industry, you have to give yourself five minutes to react to everything that happens to you, whether it be something good or bad”.

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